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The right Hand Cream and Nail Care Treatment can make your Hands look 10 years younger! Our Hands often give away our age and despite the hard work they do, so many of us forget to look after our hands with a good Hand Cream and regular Nail treatment.

Our tips for beautiful hands, nail care and nail treatment:

1.Protect your hands from the sun. Hands often develop sunspots, wrinkles, skin discolorations and brown spots due to frequent exposure to the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun. Before you step out, protect your hands with sunscreen, especially when driving in the car! To absorb Vitamin D limit your sun exposure to early mornings.

2. Wear Gloves for protection with washing dishes and cleaning with harsh detergents, bleach and other chemicals. Some ingredients can instantly burn your skin or cause skin rashes, while others can severely dry out your skin and make your nails brittle. Even better, use gentle cleaning agents and wear gloves!

3. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and stimulate circulation. Lack of hand treatment with exfoliation contributes to rough skin and prevents optimal absorption of your hand cream.

4. Be mindful of soap. Use a gentle, natural soap that moisturizes and cares for your hands and nails.

5. Nail Treatment. Be mindful of your nails! Beautiful hands include well kept and clean nails. Regular nail treatment is recommended. Massage your cuticles with a natural nail cream and they will be moisturized and repaired, resulting in strong, healthy nails and cuticles. Torn cuticles can be painful and are a sign of desperately needed moisture. Use a natural nail care treatment that won’t further de-hydrate your cuticles. One nail problem that requires immediate nail care with anti fungal solution is nail fungus, which can cause nail discoloration and make your nails brittle.

6. Use a preferably natural Hand Cream and Nail Care that is non greasy. The best natural hand cream and nail care creams are designed to make the skin on your hands strong, smooth and soft and not dry them out. Apply morning and night and after hand washing, which contributes to dry skin. Apply using small circular motions on hands, cuticles and nails.

Do your Hands and Nails need more love, care and protection? Do your Nails and Cuticles need strengthening and protecting? Organic Aloe Vera natural Hand Cream and Nail Care Treatment is the solution! This Hand Cream and Nail Care in one, is non greasy formula that helps prevent the signs of premature aging and offers protection from the drying and damaging effects of our environment, not to forget regular hand washing.

Organic Aloe Vera based Hand Cream and Nail Care Treatment visibly improves your skin’s texture and smoothness and leaves your hands and nails feeling and looking firm and supple. Massage your cuticles and they will be moisturized and repaired, resulting in strong, healthy nails.

This Natural Hand Cream and Nail Care treatment is rich in Organic Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and B5 and Essential Oils of Rose and Sandalwood.

Article Source: Articlesbase
Author: Fiona McColl

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