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When I’m in a busy place like the mall a restaurant or an airport, I find myself looking at the people around me. I’m 64 so I try to guess how old they are….yes, by the way they look….not whether they have a beautiful or handsome face, but by their over-all appearance. Clearly the people who look like they’re aging well as compared to those who appear ‘old’ all have something in common….they’re well groomed. They’re clean…neatly dressed, their weight is normal, they clearly pay attention to the way they look.

I’m very conscious of wanting my 80’s to be the ‘new’ 60’s, so I’m interested in getting whatever help I think I need along the way. I know that when I think I look good my attitude is better, and I actually feel better. I know the basic stuff, clean, trimmed hair, attractive nails, and proper weight and fitness….I’ve got those handled, but what about some of the non-surgical and surgical procedures that are available? Could considering some additional help, help me to look better and therefore feel better, longer? The answer could very well be YES! But why?

First let’s draw a comparison between people who have an optimistic, positive attitude and those who look at life from a defeated and wary perspective. This doesn’t take a scientific survey. Look around you. People who are generally happy in their outlook, are generally better groomed, which certainly helps them look better. Now let’s take it a step further. People with negative attitudes lack hope….a lack of belief in a better tomorrow. It shows on their faces. It shows in their posture, it often shows in their grooming. Negativity is reflected in the words they choose and in the downer inflection in their voices and over-all in the way they appear.

If however, you are doing the best to maintain the appearance you currently have, but yet you’re dissatisfied with something about your appearance, what should you do? If you believe that if you got some help there, you would be happier with the way you look, and it can be handled within your budget, why not consider it? It may sound shallow at first, but if you believe that if you look your best you’ll feel better about yourself and that you may feel happier….. that can be a powerful motivation.

Whether it’s smoothing the wrinkles in your skin, losing weight, working with a personal trainer, lifting your eyes, or even changing your body shape, etc. my attitude is that if it can lead to a more positive attitude about the future, it might be worth it. It’s pretty much common knowledge that a positive attitude puts a smile on your face; a spring in your step. But why? What does a positive attitude and positive activity do that negative attitudes do not? According to commonly accepted principles of cause and effect, positive attitudes and actions produce endorphins in our bodies! Discussions about the role of endorphins can be found throughout literature, as being a huge piece of the puzzle in possibly living longer, more healthfully, and simply looking better during the aging process.

“According to, endorphins are chemicals produced in the brain in response to a variety of stimuli, and they may be nature’s cure for high levels of stress. In addition to decreased feelings of pain, secretion of endorphins leads to a feeling of euphoria, modulation of appetite, release of sex hormones, and enhancement of the immune response. With high endorphin levels, we feel less pain and fewer negative effects of stress.”

Have you made the huge connection yet?

1. Take time to really look at yourself and make a decision to care about your appearance

2. Decide what parts of YOU you want to improve

3. Create the change you want to your face or body through a healthful lifestyle change or even a non-surgical or surgical procedure

4. Look in the mirror and smile

5. Approach your day with confidence and enthusiasm that will help you to….

6. Release endorphins to create the positive cycle of feeling better, doing more, feeling even better, looking better, feeling even better and hopefully living longer

So how deep is skin-deep? Skin-deep improvements and their affect can run soooo deep as to positively affect all aspects of our life!