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As we all know there are some real do and don’t with hairstyles specially for women over 40. Your hair changes as you get older and there is no reason to go gray if you choose not to. Hairstyles over 40 as with all ages is highly personal yet you still need tips and ideas of what are good do and don’ts. Here is a good list to think about when deciding about a new hairstyle.

List of do’s:

Color your gray, there is no need to be gray unless you really like it. Most of you do not like the idea of being gray, it just makes you look older. That’s not what you want!

Get your layers lifted. This means if you don’t have layers you might want to look into them. Hair that is all one length tends not to look good on anyone over 40. You drag down your face and make it look older than you are. If you have layers get them redone so that they are lighter on top. Getting the right hairstylist will be able to explain this better for you.

Which leads to:

Finding a good hairstylist. He/She that knows what to do with your features not take away from them. You might have to look around because you are looking for someone who doesn’t just work on teenagers or young adults. The hairstyles that someone in their teens to later 30’s have may not work for you. Their haircuts are too trendy and seem to follow the latest actors hairstyles. Yet you don’t want someone who thinks that having hair when you are over 40 means it’s time to start wearing your hair like those from the Golden Girls. Remember those looks? It’s a very good idea not to go too short or keep your hair too long. A good A-Line bob that is shoulder length or a little longer works well. Specially if you don’t want to give up your long hair just yet.

If you have never high lighted your hair, its time to look into it. Highlights and or low-lights give dimension to anyone’s hair. Have no idea what they are, again having a great hairstylist that can explain them to you about what they are and what they can do for you is best. And example is when you lighten your hair around your face it opens it up and you look younger.

Now its time for your list of don’ts:

Do not grow your hair all one length or keep it all one length past your shoulders.

Do not color your hair all one color that is too dark. Just because someone told you once that jet black hair look amazing on you when you were in your 20’s doesn’t mean it looks that great on you now. Hair that is too dark once you are over 40 will make you look even older. This is what you are trying our hardest not to do!

Do not believe a word of anyone who says coloring your gray hair is difficult to do! This usually comes from someone afraid to change their own gray hair. A good hairstylist again will talk with you about covering your gray with a very natural color so that no one will know that is what you been doing.

Do not pull your hair all back into a ponytail because you just don’t want to deal with it. If you find yourself doing this a lot, it’s about time to start thinking about a simpler haircut that is more of a wash and go. One that shows you are still as hip and trendy as all woman over 40 are, you are just choosing to have a hairstyle that is easier to work with. A simple ponytail is great when working out, or hanging out at home but not really for anything else. Long hair is very pretty and hard to let go, but the last thing you want is your long hair in a ponytail dragging your looks down and making you look older. Sorry ladies sometimes we have to let it go.
I Hope this list of do and don’t help give you ideas what you need to do with your hair. Being over 40 doesn’t mean we have to give up on what we love just change it a little here and there to keep looking younger as ever.

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