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One of the best ways to ensure you will not have to compromise between saving your butt or face is to maintain an appropriate weight throughout all your lifetime. Exercise and eat right then when old age comes around there won’t be these sudden decisions of which to save – your butt or your face. In this article let us take a glance at some of the more comical sides of the equation.

There is an old cliché that unfortunately is true. When it comes to losing weight, an older woman will have to choose between saving ‘her butt or her face.’ This refers to the idea that if you lose too much weight your face may look more haggard and wrinkles may be emphasized. You could get rid of a double chin and end up with a flapping turkey neck instead.

Jowls that have lost their pads of fat could hang and gaunter cheekbones could create a ghoulish or wolfish look on an older face. Eyes could appear more sunken and the skin could lose its dewy sense of tautness. Often older faces that have lost too much weight appear cadaverous or as if they are continually remembering the pain part of another old expression ‘no pain no gain.’

The truth is that a fatter face often looks much younger than a gaunt face. The extra fat pockets plump out hollows in just the right places creating a youthful appearance.
Wrinkles and expression lines such as crow\’s feet are simply less noticeable and often the skin texture on a plumper woman is simply smoother and healthier looking.

On the other hand, if you keep enough weight on you could end up with a rear end or thighs that are much larger than you originally desired. Notice that many older women with beautiful line free visages and gorgeous complexions usually tend to be apple shaped or pear shaped in their lower body.

So are there any remedies for this all too familiar paradox? Do you really have to sacrifice your looks for a smaller rear end? Does it really have to be one or the other?

Unfortunately the older you are the more inescapable this sordid truth is. You either settle for being slightly heavier or you can spend thousands of dollars on anti -aging serums and plastic surgery to get rid of excess skin and wrinkles caused by the weight loss. Or you can opt to have plumper, less lined features and spend a ton of money getting liposuction on your tummy, thighs and rear end.

If you have a bit of ‘booty’ you are right with the in group as has been demonstrated by sexy superstars such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Keep in mind that there are also many celebrities who buy padding to insert into their underwear to keep their backsides looking plump and well rounded. This seems so unnecessary when all these ‘stick insects with mascara’ (as Bridget Jones called them) could easily achieve this by consuming a few good meals. If you want to be ‘cool’ you will go for having a slightly bigger butt and a younger face.

Although being thinner is healthier then being too fat, the best compromise is to be the healthiest weight for your age and body shape. Keep in mind too that the people that look the youngest, no matter what their weight, are those that are the happiest and not stressed out by things like calorie restricted diets, painful plastic surgery or even caring too much what other people think. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water daily. These are two of the most important skin and beauty products you can apply to yourself. Don’t abuse your body with drugs and alcohol. When old age comes around you will be so glad you practice these simple health tips and the truth of whether or not you have taken care of yourself will show in both your face and your ‘booty.’

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