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Any serious angler that is looking for a thrill of a vacation when trout fishing should think of Scotland. It is the coldest member of the larger United Kingdom and therefore offers the best natural conditions or habitat for this fish. I could easily fill up this article with all the perfect locations on the lochs, streams and rivers that are all over Scotland. Therefore anyone looking to take a fishing trip to Scotland is always going to be spoilt for choice.

Trout fishing is one of the most loved participation sports in Scotland. This means that the country is packed with a lot of tackle shops, bait shops, and very friendly fishing guides who are called ‘gillies’ who know (almost) everything about trout fishing in Scotland. Nevertheless, here are a few pointers to some spectacular fishing spots in Scotland:

The North West coast of Scotland is an exceptional area with a lot of cold streams and rivers that host a lot of fish. If you look keenly, most of this area offers a lot of ‘virgin’ fishing spots. The waters are extremely clear and clean and a boat ride down there would feel like you are floating in the air. Brown trout are relatively more common though other species may be found.

For those of you that have to get to the capital city of Edinburgh, it is not lacking in great fishing opportunities. It features exciting fisheries around its outskirts like the spectacular Macbiehill Estate Trout Fishery, a private fishery that has been around for the longest time ever (around the 1800\’s). One may just visit and pay per day as well as arrange a full holiday vacation.

Another great trout fishing spot around Edinburgh is Markle Fisheries. It is one of the few fishing locations that one can fish all year round. It has not one, not two, but three lochs which are regularly stocked with this kind of fish. It is an excellent choice for anyone interested in fly fishing as it has hosted contests.

The south of Scotland also features some exciting fishing spots. The rivers of Nith, Tweed, Teviot, Clyde, and Annan and numerous cool streams make good fishing locations. Still trout fishing is also available in the lakes of the Pentland Hills, Ayrshire, Galloway, and Refrewshire.

As for central Scotland, the Carron Valley Reservoir is one of the best places for a trout fishing excursion. It features some beautiful lochs like Katrine and Venachar. It also features the wild lochs like the Ba, Argyll, Inverness, and Laidon, and the famous loch Leven. It is not without spectacular rivers and streams; the Sey, Tummel, Don and Tay rivers.

Scotland has over 700 islands within its borders and this presents a lot of fishing opportunities. Is it any wonder that fishing is a mainstay of the Scottish tradition? Perhaps some of the most outstanding islands would be the islands on the lochs of Orkney and Shetland. The islands of Jura, Mull, and Skye are perfect locations for trout fishing in Scotland.

Finally, stay away from the Trout River Scottish Ale. If you don’t know anything about it, don’t bother!

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