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Do you have any seniors hobbies?

Are you fifty years of age or older? Have you ever looked into any seniors hobbies? Let me tell you why you should!

  1. Hobbies for seniors are dependable prescriptions for improving physical health.
  2. They’re even accused of increasing age longevity.
  3. They fine tune your mental mechanisms and help keep them crisp and sharp.
  4. They open new doors for your social life.
  5. And they’re guilty of filling your days with zing.

We’ll talk about zing later!

There are more pastimes that could qualify as senior hobbies than you can shake the proverbial stick at. The candidates are virtually numberless.

Here are some categories that somebody, somewhere, is already engaging in as a hobby.

Antiques/Arts and Crafts/Collecting any of thousands of things/Cooking/Electronics/Games/Gardening/Internet Hobbies/Literature/Scale Models/Music/Outdoor and Indoor Activities/Photography/Performing Arts/Toys.

The interesting thing about all of the listed categories is each group is chock full of sub categories.

What do you like to do? Do you enjoy playing golf or tennis? Are you an avid grower of flowers? Does stamp collecting start your juices flowing. Is the thought of cooking gourmet meals your answer to friends coming for dinner?

Whatever you are enthusiastic about you will find other people just as eager as you are to learn more about and discuss at length. Some seniors hobbies involve ball room dancing. There are probably groups in your very area doing it on a regular basis. They’d welcome you with open arms, literally.

The physical and mental exercise involved in senior hobbies can do wonders for you. As a matter of fact, physical workouts at a gym, or just walking in the neighborhood can be the answer to your well being.

You’ll be able to meet other seniors feeling just as enthusiastic about your hobby as you are. Once you decide upon a hobby area of interest, check the local newspaper. Look for the mention of gatherings, or information about others doing the same hobby.

Medical science has learned recently about the physical and mental connection in the human body. For example, if the hobby you are interested in requires a minimal of physical activity, you will still benefit physically from the mental activity.


The mental stimulation of engaging in a senior hobby you enjoy, translates into a form of physical activity. Not as emphatic as a strenuous workout in a gym.

But researchers tell us that it still creates virtual, physical effort at the cellular level. The physical responses may be subtle, but the benefits of it are nevertheless felt by the body.

Finally, lets talk about zing. No, it’s not a far eastern philosophy from Asia. The best definition of zing would be to categorize it as your feelings about the life you lead. Do you awake each morning with an eagerness for the day ahead?

Or are you just as weary as when you laid down the night before? Do you want to mentally spring out of bed and charge full bore into the newly born day?

Or do you dawdle in bed trying to put off getting up and going through another boring daily routine? Do you actually look forward to bedtime in the evening so you can fall asleep again?

If your answers to the latter questions are yes…then my friend you need the zing, and all else, that a senior hobby will give your life. You are in serious need of enthusiasm, anticipation and the social companionship that a senior hobby will bring into your life.

Start a senior hobby today! Go for it!

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