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Our hair. It’s sprayed, moussed, dreadlocked, colored, cut, straightened, shaved, braided and curled. To tend to it we buy haircare products by the bucketful. Not to mention the world is awash in whispered healthy hair tips, myths and misconceptions. Let’s explore a few.

Myth #1: Rotating shampoos daily helps to keep your hair healthy.

Truth: As myths go this one is a doozy. Your hair can not remember nor recognize what shampoo was used on it last. It’s basically just dead cells. So while this sounds like one of the healthy hair tips how’s it gonna know what kind of shampoo you’re using? But hold on. It is true that people with different hair types need to use shampoos suited to their type of hair. So try focusing on that rather than rotating hair shampoo.

Myth #2: Stress and hair loss are directly connected.

Truth: Fact is we’re losing hair daily anyhow. Whether we are stressed out or not. On average you lose somewhere between 40 to 130 hairs per day. Maybe a few more might fall out if you\’re stressed. But unless you find yourself pulling your hair out by the roots, it is all going to grow back!

Myth #3: High humidity affects everyone’s hair the same.

Truth: The curly headed among us know this statement is wrong. Once high humidity sets in, uncontrollable curls or worse dreaded frizzys set in too. To strike back you need a product that locks down the cuticle layer and blocks out the extra moisture. To do that look for styling products with words like anti-humectant, smoothing, anti-humidity on the label.

Myth #4: If you want healthy hair you’ll brush it 100 times daily.

Truth: That is a really famous myth that’s been passed down by mothers to daughters. You’ll also see it a lot in books. But you probably never want to brush your hair except to style it. Over brushing like this can only weaken and damage your hair. That’s one of the healthy hair tips you can count on.

Myth #5: Perms are for dear old Aunt Margaret.

Truth: No longer the preference of the older women, perms have made a comeback. That’s due in part to the fact that the quest for straight hair can leave you worn out. While permed hair with a natural look saves you time and frees you for other pursuits. Many can just wash it and head out the door. And new advances let stylists simulate naturally curly hair giving many clients an all new sexy look.

Myth #6: Every gray hair you pull causes more gray hair to grow back.

No way is this one the truth. But one should not ever pull out hair by the roots. You might develop a scalp infection or scar yourself by doing so. Color your hair if you’re worried about grays.

Myth #7: If you’ve got fine hair is will stay limp regardless.

Truth: Add body to fine hair with hot rollers. Afterwards work in some mousse and brush out well.

Follow these seven healthy hair care tips and your hair can look and feel great.

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Author: Susan Bishop