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Is there such a thing as hair growth vitamins? Well yes there are and I will share these hair vitamins with you here.

The best one for hair growth is Biotin

Biotin has been shown by many studies to stimulate hair growth and allow healthy hair growth. Other hair vitamins include zinc and calcium – there are many products out there but all you need is a basic high quality mineral and vitamin supplement on a daily basis.

The next vitamin hair formula is a good Vitamin B formula. Vitamin B has been shown repeatedly to promote hair growth, it has worked on animals and man alike , so be sure to get a good vitamin B supplement.

Vitamin B will promote healthier, stronger hair growth and that means that your hair breaks less often and hence hair growth occurs at a faster rate

An often forgotten hair vitamin is Indian ginseng or ashwagandha , it works like magic to boost your immune system and promote hair growth- it is the hidden hair vitamin.

Next tip to stimulate hair growth is to consume lots of high quality proteins like eggs, milk, fish and amino acid supplements. Remember that protein is great for hair growth and hair repair. These hair supplements will help you grow your hair and nails and will also give you beautiful skin.

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About the Author: Rob Maraby is the author of over 25 self published books on health, beauty and marketing.