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Hiking is a great sport, and it is something that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. However, before you take your next hiking excursion, you should keep in mind a few short and simple rules. The first one is to stay comfortable. The second is to stay hydrated, using a water bottle or a Camelbak Mule. The third rule is to stay safe.

In order to stay comfortable, you will have to invest a little money in a few supplies. The most important thing is a good pair of shoes. Hiking boots are better than sneakers because they give your ankles protection from inevitable twists. Before buying a pair, you should ensure that they offer ample padding to keep you comfortable and soles with deep treads to keep you sturdy. Another important part of staying comfortable is keeping dry. This is especially imperative if you are in the mountains where rain storms tend to move in quickly. To this end, you should always carry rain gear with you.

Dehydration is perhaps one of the riskiest parts of hiking. The amount of water that you will need depends upon your metabolism, the weather, and depends on how tough the terrain is. For instance, if the terrain is tough and the weather is really hot, you may need a gallon or more of water. If the weather is cool and the hike is short, you may only need a liter of water. In order to carry as much water as possible, you should invest in a system like the Camelbak Mule.

The third rule of hiking is that you must pay attention to your safety. If you are walking along a well-marked and well-traveled trail, you will not need to bring as much safety gear. However, if you are back country hiking, you will need a lot of safety equipment. In order to avoid getting lost, you should always carry a compass and a map. For emergencies, you should carry a knife. In case of an injury, you should have a first aid kit. You should also be aware of any venomous creatures that may be lurking near your hiking area, and you should understand the best way to respond to an attack by these creatures. It is always safer to hike with a partner.

Hiking can be a great adventure. However, if you are not prepared with the right equipment if can be disastrous. Without rain gear, you risk suffering from hypothermia, and without the right shoes, you risk twisting your ankle. Without a good hydration system like the Camelback Mule, you risk suffering from extreme hydration. Without the proper safety gear, you risk getting lost or dying from an untreated bite or sting. If you follow these three simple rules, you will enjoy your time and ensure that you make it home safely.

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