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The excitement is over…

YOUR time has finally come.

You’ve waited years, and save so much money for it, but what are you going to do now?

You no longer have to wake-up to that annoying alarm, no more office meetings, deadlines are non-existent.

You dreamed of golfing every day, traveling the world, and taking a daily siesta.

Your time is finally here, but guess what. It’s not at all how you pictured it.

Golfing every morning isn’t as enjoyable as you envisioned. It’s not as exciting as that once a week you got to enjoy hitting the links.

Traveling was fun for the first month, but now you just want to get back home.

Your daily nap is actually making you more tired, and resulting in less energy over all.

It seems that this vision of a full-time vacation isn’t as fruitful as we all have envisioned.


According to:  Stewart Friedman, practice professor of management at Wharton and founding director of the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project.

“Research indicates that those who are happiest in retirement tend to answer that question by “giving back” and discovering a sense of purpose. While giving back can mean boosting charitable contributions, for a growing number of retirees it often comes in the form of a significant volunteer position or encore career, notes Friedman. “The most successful people in retirement look to use their talents and passions to make a contribution.”

So what will you do now?

What can fill this sense of purpose?

Look to your talents and take on a passion that will reinvigorate you for years to come.

Good Luck!!!