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Wow, you look so much younger!! Music to your ears, right?

It’s true, you can look younger than your years! Anti aging makeup is a very powerful tool when chosen and applied correctly.

Anti aging makeup is a huge industry as 35,000,000 aging female baby boomers want tips to look as young as possible. These consumers want anti aging products that will make them look younger and be good for you at the same time.

And the anti aging makeup industry has responded with many cutting edge options for improving our appearance.

Anti aging makeup can multi task!

There are numerous anti aging products that multi task. Some of the moisturizers, for instance, camouflage wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. And they also can contain moisturizer, antioxidants and sun protection. As we age, our skin needs all of the help it can get so it makes perfect sense to buy anti aging makeup that multi tasks.

Use anti aging makeup to:

Diminish fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet
Enhance your good features
Protect from the sun
Conceal age spots and circles under the eyes

Less is More

This is so very important when it comes to anti aging makeup. Have you ever seen someone wearing way too much makeup? Overdoing it with the makeup can make you look older, not younger.

Maximize your looks and minimize your age by following a few of these anti aging makeup tips:

Anti Aging Makeup Primers

Minimize fine lines and smooth your skin. Wear it alone or apply under your foundation to absorb excess oil and have your makeup look fresh all day.


There are many foundations that perform multiple tasks.They can moisturize, conceal flaws and treat acne. Some of them even contain many of the ingredients that you would normally find in skin care products. Numerous foundations offer extra benefits for aging skin that needs more moisturizer, more protection and a lighter texture that provides more coverage for spots and wrinkles.


Powder can be a little tricky. Many will say that it’s best used only in the t zone of the face, if at all. Using too much powder can accentuate flaws instead of concealing them. If used, use sparingly. There are several mineral anti aging makeup products that work well.


When chosen and applied correctly, blusher can take years off your appearance. When applied, dot it on the apples of your cheek and blend up and out while using a circular motion. Applying a shimmery shadow along the top of the cheekbones can give a lifting effect.


Brush cream eyeliner as close to the eyelash line as possible then gently smudge it to give eyes a softer look.


Our eyelashes tend to thin out as we get older. Consider using a brown mascara instead of a black one. Sometimes black mascara can give us a harsh look while the brown can soften the appearance.


As we age the lips shrink and and tend to lose its rosy appearance. Some of the darker colors that looked good when we were younger now can make you look older. Using softer rosy colors can make your lips look fuller. Dab a small amount of gloss in the middle of the lower lip reflects light and also helps make lips look fuller.


One of the problems with concealer is that if you apply it too heavily, it can settle into fine lines making you look worse than before you started. Makeup artists recommend applying it on the inner corner lower lid of the eye and a small amount on the outer corner. Set it with a loose powder to prevent it from creeping into the fine lines.

Your Smile

Our teeth get dull with age. Whiter, brighter teeth are the finishing touch to your anti aging makeup.

Proper application and choosing the right product are essential when it comes to anti aging makeup. Try these anti aging makeup tips and you will see a big difference!

Article Source: Articlesbase

About the Author: Lynne Hagan is the author of a website, blog and numerous articles related to anti aging. Want to look and feel younger? See why Lynne is the popular source for reliable and impartial anti aging tips.