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How many of us have dreaded Daylight Saving Time and it’s “spring ahead” gleeful attitude towards robbing us of an hour’s sleep? Yup, me too.

Is it time to make the whole confusing time change go away? Maybe, but first we should look at why it was created in the first place. Most people including myself, thought that the idea of DST was to benefit farmers… surprisingly, not so.

DST was originally crafted to save energy during World War II and has had a series of stops and starts since then.

In fact, there are 2 states in the US that have stopped it altogether…Arizona and Hawaii! So why do the rest of the states continue to change the clocks every year?

There are actually excellent arguments on both sides…many, many pros and cons. I was happy to find a terrific article from The Huffington Post that clearly explained where DST came from and why in most States it’s still here. So, if you’re interested in some fascinating statistics on increased productivity, and lower crime rates vs increased accidents and serious health issues, Read On…