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Nails are the beautiful extension of the finger the completely enhance the look of the hand and feet. But in order to maintain the beauty of the hand and feet it is important that one take proper care of the nail as nails are easily prone to damage as well as fungal infections. Thus, taking proper nail care is important to keep the nails lowing and shinning. Nail care is not a tedious task that requires great amount of time, as one can easily care for the nails by devoting only few minutes. One can take care of the nails by avoid doing works with bare hands as while doing household chores, nails are more vulnerable to damage. Hand gloves should always be used while working as solvent and cleaners that are frequently used for the household works are not good for the nails. Wearing of gloves while doing work will also help to have clear nails as dust and dirt will be prevented from entering the nail.

Nail Care Tips

Nail care products are not enough to provide healthy nails but by following some of the nail care tips one can maintain the clean and healthy look of the nails. Some of the vital nail care tips are as follows:

Keep the Nails Dry and Clean – Dry and clear nails will prevents bacteria, fungi or other harmful organisms from growing beneath the nail. The nails should be regularly cleaned and dried after bathing.

Wear Rubber Gloves – Rubber gloves should be worn while using soap and water for longer period.

Trim and File Nails – The nails should be regularly trimmed and filed n order to avoid nail taking improper shape.

Moisturize the Nails –  Nails also need moisturizer just like the skin to maintain the smoothness and softness.

Adverse Effect of Improper Nail Care

Not taking proper and due care of the nail along with hand and feet can result in several fungal infections in the hand and toe nails as well as hand and feet. Athletes foot is also a fungal infection caused by the fungus that grows on the top layer of the skin. The warm and wet places like the area between the toes are the best place for the fungi to grow. If athlete foot treatment is not started at the early stage it can become extremely painful. If athlete foot treatment is started early one can easily get rid of this fungal infection.

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