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The human brain is a fantastic and complex organ with more than fifty million brain cells that work in ways still unknown to us today.  It is bigger and more complex than any animal’s with the same body size, and the frontal part (frontal lobes) are the most advanced and developed of any brain we are aware of.  These are the parts responsible for self control, planning and reasoning.  How can you use this knowledge to better our brain power?

Our brains and the central nervous system develop during our early years and it this period in our lives is crucial for the development of our brains.  If our body is not well looked after and cared for during our childhood, it will have an effect on how our brain ultimately develops.  Our nutrition, physical exercise and mental development are of utmost importance for a healthy brain during our early years.  It is what we do in those years that will either diminish or better our brain power.

When we grow older, we lose neurons (brain cells), which cannot, like other body cells, be regenerated or replicated and they also cannot repair themselves when damaged.

Therefore, to better our brain power, we have to follow some simple things to maintain our physical and mental health.

1. Exercise regularly and make sure that you follow some vigorous physical activities on a regular basis to help blood and oxygen flow to the brain.  Bettering your brain power will come from fresh oxygen flowing through the brain.

2. Engage in active learning life long.  New experiences and new learning curves keep the brain healthy and exercised.

3. A healthy social life and engagement with other people and groups will ensure that your brain keeps thinking and engaging in social context, bettering our brain power and understanding humankind.  Social contact will ensure happiness and a happier life means a healthier life.

4. Make sure you keep your life and affairs in control and free of unnecessary worry.  This will lead to a positive and worry free outlook in life.

5. Make sure that you know what causes you stress and how to handle it.

6. Maintain and healthy diet with as much as possible clean, fresh foods and water.  Foods rich in natural antioxidants and minerals will help improve mental health and better brain functionality.

7. Make sure that you get enough rest, sleep and relaxation.

8. If you are aware of health problems, speak to your health professional as soon as possible, before it becomes too hard to handle.

9. Feed your mind to ‘good news’ by reading positive material and listening to positive audios, instead of listening to negative reporting in the media and TV.  This leads to a positive attitude.

10. Avoid excessive alcohol use, cigarettes and drugs.  This is guaranteed to cause permanent and irreversible physical and mental harm. We ultimately want to improve brain function, not diminish it.  Never self-medicate because some drugs may interact negatively with your mental status, especially if you are taking more than one drug.

Following the advice above will not only leave your physically healthier, but will also better your brain power.

Article Source: Articlesbase

About the Author: Zarelsie Van der Merwe is a Personal Change and Development Consultant and author. – Self Development
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