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HGH Supplements and Sleep May Be Anti Aging Secret

Anti Aging supplement HGH or Human Growth Hormone as it is commonly called is thought to be a very powerful anti-aging hormone. While first known for it’s ability to increase muscle in Athletes. This growth hormone will help you slow aging avoiding some diseases linked to aging.

You can’t help but notice some of your friends are aging better than others.  In most cases this is simply the result of genetics but if you can get your body to produce more of these human growth hormones naturally, you will discover that you too are aging better without the pain or wrinkles associated with the natural aging process.  You too can easily and naturally unlock the anti aging secrets of HGH and start looking and feeling younger.

When you are young the body produces an abundance of Human Growth Hormones.  But while in your 20‘s the natural HGH produced by your body begins to decline.  It may sound strange but towards your late 20‘s your body begins the actual aging process.  When your body shifts from growing to aging, in your late 20‘s, the body decreases it’s growth hormone production by 15-20per decade.  In fact by the time you reach your 60’s your body will have approximately 80% less growth hormone in it’s system than it did when you were in your 20’s!  This is why every decade people seem to age faster.

To increase your growth hormones you can do many different things such as human growth hormone replacement therapies but in most cases these are much too expensive for the average person and can only be prescribed by qualified medical practitioners. These treatments have also been linked to unwanted side effects.

One of the fastest growing trends in anti aging products is daily HGH supplements.  By taking a natural HGH supplement your stimulating your own body to once again produce it’s own growth hormones restoring the levels you once had in your youth.

In addition to Human Growth Hormone supplements, exercise will also increase HGH production naturally in the body.  The best forms of exercise are those that involve weight training and or aerobic exercise.

Finally something most people don\’t know about or do enough of…SLEEP!  That’s right, your body produces the most HGH when you’re sleeping.  Not just any sleep, studies show most of the HGH production is in the latter hours so anything less than 8-hours is short changing your body of  it’s much needed HGH.  It’s simple really; add a HGH supplement to your daily diet, sleep longer, and you will look and feel much younger.

Author: Carson Shay

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