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At one time, most of the people who sought out plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes were women.  For decades, implicit messages have been sent to females in multiple mediums suggesting they should look their best.  Magazine ads showcasing youth and beauty regularly reinforced the notion.  Subsequently, female attractiveness became a sought-after ideal.

Men, on the other hand, were typically raised to believe that other attributes besides appearance defined self satisfaction.  Some people may argue that this view fed a double standard, but others believe it was just the way of the world.  Because of this, men did not seek to improve imperfections at any discernible level.

Fast forward to 2011, and men are now undergoing cosmetic procedures at a rate greater than ever before!  Women still make up the majority of the cases, but males are gaining in numbers.

‘Why?’ you might ask.  Let’s examine some possible reasons:

  • Media messages now imply that attractive males are more desirable.  These inferences have caused some men to toss the tobacco, exercise to look fit, adopt healthier eating habits, and strive to maintain an appealing presence for as long as possible.
  • The workplace has become increasingly competitive, and physical appearance matters when vying for a job or promotion.  Men want to look their best to remain a candidate in the running.
  • Baby boomers are becoming older.  Nonetheless, the revolutionary period they created and the impact they made in trend setting has planted a youthful seed that defies time.  These trailblazers want to look the same way they feel.
  • Brow furrows, eye circles, wrinkles, and puffiness can make certain people appear angry, tired, and/or old.  Relatively simple treatmentscan now decrease or even take away these signs.
  • Cosmetic surgery has realized monumental advancements over the past seven or so years. Procedures that once took weeks of recovery might now take days.  Incidentally, somenoninvasive options have no downtime at all!
  • The stigma of plastic surgery has greatly diminished.  Granted, most people do not shout to the world they are having a procedure, but neither do they feel they must hide in the shadows (nor should they!).
  • Men with a solid income are usually going to spend their money on something.  When they were younger, they frequently bought motorcycles, cars, and electronic devices.  Now that they already have these things, they want to invest in themselves.
  • A certain measure of confidence is restored to men when they are pleased with their reflection.  This happens following weight loss, an updated hairstyle, improved muscle tone, or even plastic surgery.

What procedures do men request?  They tend to be varied, but some undergo nose reshaping (to minimize largeness or improve symmetry), eyelid surgery (to remove excess fat and rejuvenate sagging skin), liposuction (to diminish love handles or a double chin), hair restoration (to counteract a receding hairline), Botox (to relax brow furrows), fillers (to plump mouth lines or sunken cheeks), and more.

Like women, men tend to have realistic expectations.  For example, they are not seeking to dramatically alter how they appear.  Instead, they want to look like themselves, only more refreshed.

Men and cosmetic surgery? Yes, it’s happening.

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Author: Paul Talbot