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There are an amazing number of different ways that golf can improve your physical and mental health. You don’t need to give up the cart to feel the benefits. And it could help to convince your significant other that you need to get out and play more …

There’s a common fallacy that golf is a non-exercise sport. ‘Sure,’ you say, ‘there’s a bit of walking, but if you’re riding in a cart and just swinging a little club around, how much exercise is that, really?’

You’d be surprised. Golf has many health benefits that benefit young as well as old, men and women alike. It’s one of the most popular sports in America today, and our population is likely a bit healthier for it.

The health benefits of golf are numerous:

*Cardiovascular fitness. If you walk a golf course, you derive all the benefits of walking, along with the extra benefits of golf. If you walk your entire 18-hole course, you are walking nearly 5 miles. Not a bad stroll for one day. Even if choose to use a golf cart, there\’s significant enough benefit from the walking you will do from the cart to the hole.

*Strength and flexibility. Swinging a golf club is an excellent strength builder, building flexibility, agility and coordination. These are important qualities to develop when you\’re young, but absolutely essential to develop and protect as you get older.

*Aging. As we get older, it’s harder to get up, to get moving in the morning, to walk up stairs. The flexibility you develop through golf, and the strength you get from the walking, swinging, and other movements will help you age more gracefully and likely more healthfully. Many doctors prescribe golf to older patients who don’t get enough exercise for this very reason.

*Physiological. Researchers report a benefit to mood and overall psychological health to people who get enough sun, particularly in the winter. If you think you suffer from a seasonal mood disorder (and experts believe most of us do to some degree), getting a bit of sun and a bit of outdoor activity can prove to be a big boost to your mood and overall psychological well-being. In most climates, golf is an all-season sport.

*Better sleep. Experts say you sleep better when you get regular physical activity, and better sleep benefits not only your day-to-day activities, but likely your golf game as well!

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